Monday, October 17, 2011

Old illustrations

I did these maybe a year ago, but I wanted to post them because I really liked them! I want to continue doing similar illustrations like this, but next time I want to to take them a step further. Maybe not be so stiff next time, and give them some movement?

Old Fashioned Hot Cider Stand

A few months back a friend of mine asked me to make a sketch of an old fashioned hot cider and donut stand. She was getting married and really wanted one of these stands at her wedding, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't find exactly what she wanted anywhere! So I took charge and sketched her something I thought would look cool, with the intent that her step father would build it in his garage.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago, I make my way to her wedding, and right there on the grass on the way to the ceremony site sits her larger than life hot cider stand! I was amazed! It was build exactly how I sketched it to be and looked awesome! It's amazing to see something you designed on paper come to life!

Afterwards, of course, I took my sketch to the next level. I scanned it into Illustrator and made a digital illustration of it!