Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Anyone who hasn't heard, Hurricane Sandy swept across NJ on October 30th and destroyed almost everything in it's path.  It left a lot of people with out power, myself included, who was without power for 10 days.  One way I prepared myself for this hurricane was to go grocery shopping three days before.  While I was there I saw these cute little pumpkins and realized that it was almost halloween and I totally forgot about getting a pumpkin!  I picked one up with intents that I would paint it if the power went out.  Well our power did go out and within moments I lit a bunch of candles and painted this by candle light.  I had so much fun!  Since the power was out, there was nothing to distract me, like tv or internet, or my cell phone, so I was really able to enjoy it.  If I realized that I was going to be without power for so long I would have picked up a few more, but instead I spent the rest of my 10 days knitting and trying not to be grumpy.  I will be posting some of my knitting projects once I stop being lazy.